Many of our Tartes are seasonal, and may not be available in all locations. Please call to inquire.

Fresh Fruit Tartes

La Farine’s fruit tarts are a combination of tradition and whimsy–we start with a classic, flaky pastry, add a delicious crème pâtissière and finish each tart with a kaleidoscope of fresh, seasonal fruit. Each tart is a celebration of flavor and texture…and a visual feast as well! La Farine makes 8″ tarts and 3″ tartlettes–the former feeds 8 while the tartlettes are perfect for individual desserts. And for special occasions, where multiple small tartlettes are a good choice, we make fruit “boats”-small, individual pastry boats with crème pattisiere and fruit designed to wow your guests.

Baked and Poached Fruit Tartes and Galettes

La Farine also makes a variety of baked and poached fruit tartes, from the classic Baked Apple Tarte (with caramelized Granny Smith apples) to our fall classic, the poached pear tarte (D’Anjou pears poached in red wine with sugar and vanilla bean). This variety of tarte features baked or poached fruit arranged on a pastry with pastry cream, or can feature fruit actually baked in a light custard (Pear-Ginger Tarte or Frangipane Tartes).

Our Galettes are rustic fruit tartes baked in our classic pastry and filled with a variety of seasonal fruits (our Cranberry-Apple Galette is a favorite from Thanksgiving through Christmas). They do not have pastry cream so are perfect for those seeking a lighter dessert.

Nut Tartes

La Farine’s nut tartes are as inviting as its fruit tartes, and as decadent. Featured are the Almond Tarte (crunchy, caramelized almonds baked in a pastry shell) and the Hazelnut Truffle Tarte (Toasted Hazelnuts in a chocolate-truffle filling that’s baked in our Victoria Tart shell). Once the fall and winter season kicks in, we pull out the Pecan Butter Rum tarte and Cranberry Hollandaise (a buttery almond cake filling with lemon zest and fresh cranberries).

So whatever the occasion, La Farine has a tarte for you. Please stop by the store and feast your eyes, or give us a call to order the best tarte in town!