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Pastries ImageLa Farine pastries are famous for their quality and authenticity. Made with the finest ingredients and the time-honored methods of great French pastisseries, they're not for the feint of heart...our pastries are made with 100% pure butter! We're the home of the legendary morning bun, and our croissants, brioche and frangipane are nothing but sumptuous. So, check out our offerings and if you're in the neighborhood, stop in for coffee and pastries and chill with the locals at our family table...and if you're lucky enough, ( and early enough), you'll catch our most legendary of customers, Dame Jane Beaumont, holding court and bending your ear with stories of La Farine out though, she's a devilish flirt!

.Morning Bun
Croissant dough rolled thin, spread with brown sugar and cinnamon, rolled into a log, then cut and baked in muffin pans...nothing short of decadent.

The classic French croissant, made with croissant dough (flour, butter, milk, sugar and yeast) cut into a triangle with the requisite seven ridges. Fabulous with jam and butter.

Croissant dough with baton boulanger (bakers chocolate batons) in the middle. The classic pain au chocolat.

Pastries Fresh from the OvenFrangipane
Croissant dough filled with almond paste filling and topped with toasted almonds...An almond lovers delight.

.Apple Croissant
Croissant dough filled with Granny Smith apples and walnuts, then dusted with powdered sugar...a wonderful balance of tart apple, flaky pastry and a hint of sweetness.

.Swiss Twinkie
Puff pastry filled with a nut puree, shaped like a croissant and topped with cinnamon sugar. This pastry will grab you with its flaky texture and nutty filling.

The classic French brioche, this rich pastry (flour, eggs, butter, sugar and salt) is perfect with jam and butter, but be warned: it's the real deal.

.Orange Currant Scone
Made with orange zest and currants, this classic scone is perfect with coffee in the morning. Made with pastry flour, buttermilk, sugar, butter, baking soda and a pinch of salt, this scone will recall the classic scones of Europe.

.Raspberry-Walnut Scone
Made with toasted walnuts and filled with imported raspberry marmelade, this scone has wonderful flavor and texture. Like the orange currant scone its perfect with that morning cup of coffee.

.Pate Feuillete with ham and cheese
A La Farine favorite, this classic pastry features puff pastry filled with ham and béchamel.

Puff pastry twists filled with pecans and dusted with powdered sugar...the flakiest pastry around!

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